Hello Mozillians,

This blog post is about Web of Things (WOTs) Seminar conducted in Invento 2K16(IET DAVV Techfest) on 8th Oct, 2016.

So first of all I approached my mentor  & Mozilla Indore Representative Mrinal Jain to discussed about the event and to register it.


  1. Introduction Mozilla and Mission
  2. Internet of Things(IOT)
  3. WebVR

 Speakers of the event-Shubham Geete,Aditya Shah

Session was started by Aditya Shah on Web of Things, a brief introduction of internet, Mozilla and its mission and vision. He even explained the different projects lead by Mozilla and the community.

image (5).jpg

Then he carried on the session by detailing about Internet of Things (IOT). What is IOT, Mozilla Connected Devices and even elaborated by showing some videos on IOT and of some inspiring Mozillians.


The session was then carried forward by Shubham Geete who discussed about WebVR. Elaborated what it is and why it is so important and different than other technology. He explained the importance to the audience by showing his creations, and even let us knows about the languages required for learning WebVR.


The seminar was attended by huge amount of audience about 2000+ enthuastic engineers. Group of passionate volunteers (Mozillians) of our community has contributing a lot in organizing the seminar.


At last there were some questions asked by students about how they can contribute to Mozilla and how this helps in making web better. Shubham explained every query one by one.

The session was completely informative and interactive for the budding engineers.

At last I want to thank Sarthak Biyani and Maharishi Bhargav Who gave us a chance to organize the event and my core team (Charchil Jain, Mohit Khandelwal, Nilesh Sharma and Deepak Mewada) who supported and helped me to make the event successful.